Hello and welcome

I’m a maker: an artist, painter and printmaker, and my own personal chef.  At age 30, my good luck with health grinded to a halt when I developed severe food allergies.  As a former junk food addict, I had to learn how to prepare and love whole foods.  Now I make from scratch nearly every meal of everyday for myself, my husband and our young daughter.  Since 2010, I’ve completely transformed our lifestyle by embracing more plant-based, raw and vegan foods into our diets, and I enjoy a newfound balance and harmony in life.  My recipes focus on clean whole food ingredients, often vegan or paleo, gluten free, dairy free, legume free (including peanut free and soy free), and always free from processed sugar.  I share my journey and recipes here, alongside influences from friends, and colleagues.  Whether you’re someone battling a health condition, or simply looking for inspiration, I hope you’ll leave feeling energized to make something of your own.

XO Natalie

For more about my art, visit www.nataliewestbrook.com